Our sponsors will enjoy exceptional privileges and exceptionally high level forms of publicity.

Following the concert, our sponsor and your clients are cordially invited to a dazzling reception together with visiting artists and members of the orchestra. All parties are enthralled by the momentous occasion that has taken place and look forward to the next exceptional event.

Surely, this is the most exciting form of promotion for your brand. There can be no better way of expressing gratitude to your employees, whilst simultaneously impressing your clients, supporting a worthy cause and having a wonderful time.

Please do not miss this exceptional opportunity which is now up for grabs. We are ready to work with our sponsor to form a long-lasting, fruitful partnership.

Our exceptional sponsorship package will include:
  • High-level recognition over an ongoing period
  • Significant media attention across the UAE
  • Numerous free tickets to all concerts
  • Opportunities to host receptions for clients with visiting artists
  • Unique artistic form of sponsorship during our concerts
  • Opportunities to sponsor the commission of new works
  • Opportunities to support related educational projects
  • And many other possibilities which we would look forward to discussing with our future partner!
Contact us : contact@orchestra-dubai.com
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